Yellow Roll+Grip 110mm Wheel- Out of stock
The TR2 Snap Band Technology system contains our uniquely formulated injection molded Torus (TR2) along with the TL-1, a unique elastomer ring between the SLip Joint hollow core and the TR-2, providing necessary rigid support and additional rebound. All together this makes our wheel the very first indoor wheel in history to revolutionize the sport by developing a 4 piece system. We have now combined four separate and distinct components (Hollow Core, TL-1, TR2, and outer urethane) in one wheel to deliver optimal performance perfect for taking skaters of any caliber to the next level. This unique unification of technologies provides our wheel with an incredible combination of grip and roll. Undoubtedly, TR2 is where the future of inline speed skating begins...


Roll + Grip

Pre-Order, Wheels will ship early February
Out of stock
Out of stock