Cado Motus 125mm Dualbox 12.8


The DualBox® V is PHE: performance-enhancing equipment. This is the frame that defined the future of the sport, incorporating years of desire for light-weight frames with structural strength and responsiveness. The DualBox® V puts top-end performance within every skaters grasp. The unique characteristics of the DualBox® design delivers more command and control than any other frame today:

  • more stability - even force distribution
  • less muscle fatigue - vibration mitigation
  • more control - predictable responsiveness
Frame alu alloy WT3|7***
Deck height 125/2 + 58 = 120.5mm
Frame boot mount 195mm
Frame length 12.8"
Wheel config 3x125
Sports level professional, elite
Frame profile dualbox®5
Frame stifness Ex-Firm
Wheel setup 3x125
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