Neo Transformer Frame

The NSC Cado Motus Neo Transformer Frame allows for a 4 wheel set up with smaller wheels and also allows for a 3 wheel configuration with bigger wheels which allows you to adjust with an increased skill level.

Choosing the right setup is always a personal choice. Besides choosing the number of wheels you can also change the wheel diameter. With so many choices, you just need to experiment. And it's exactly this that makes the Neo Transformer the perfect frame for younger skaters that keep changing physically and technically.

  • 10.6 takes boots with 150 or 165mm mounting, plus maximum 4x 84mm wheels, or 3x110mm
  • 11.2 takes boots with 165mm mounting, plus maximum 4x90mm wheel, or 3x110mm
  • 12.0 takes boots with 195mm mounting, plus maximum 4x 100mm wheels, or 3x110mm
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