ENTERING THE CORNER by Jeremy Anderson

ENTERING THE CORNER by Jeremy Anderson

1) KEEP YOUR LEFT FOOT IN FRONT OF YOUR RIGHT: This will help you keep your body from twisting.

2) ARMS MUST GO FORWARD & BACK: You want to limit any side to side movement of your arms which will also help you from twisting.

3) DON"T BEND TO TOUCH THE FLOOR!!!: Let your speed and body lean take you there, if you force yourself to reach you're losing speed.

4) KEEP YOUR FEET MOVING AS YOU ENTER THE CORNER: Rolling into the corner will slow you down, step into the corner and keep your speed.

5) FIND YOUR RHYTHM!!!: Keep your foot speed and steps the same at each corner. Consistency will greatly improve your endurance. 

Jeremy Anderson

A multiple time National Champion, Jeremy is one of the most decorated indoor skaters of this generation.  He is a 13 time NSC event winner in the sprint division and has been on the podium 30 times.  Jeremy is truly one of the veterans in the game, and now spends his time both training and coaching skaters in the NorthWest.

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