Skate Tips

FRAME PLACEMENT by Donavon Sellers2016-12-15

  • Start with your front wheel set just to the inside of your big toe, between your first and second toe.
  • Align the back wheels with your Achilles tendon.
  • When adjusting for power, try moving the toe first.
  • When adjusting for stability, try moving the heel first.
  • Move the frame SLIGHTLY. Move one end at a time, then test the positioning.
  • Once you set your frame to where you want it, mark the spot with a Sharpie or duct tape. If your frame moves or needs minor adjustments, you’ll know where you started.

Donavon Sellers

A multiple time world team member, Donavon has won 6 time NSC events, and has been on the podium 27 times in his NSC career.  One of the smoothest skaters in the business, he makes power and speed look effortless.  Donavon is the only skater that has crossed over between the sprint and endurance division and been able to make it on the podium in BOTH.  With a career best lap time of 8.31, there is no doubt he is one of the fastest skaters in the league.  He is constantly helping younger skaters with their technique and equipment and is someone who truly loves giving back to the sport.