HOW TO MIX WHEELS by Erin Jackson

HOW TO MIX WHEELS by Erin Jackson

 The Basics

  • Softer wheels provide more grip.
  • Harder (Firm) wheels provide more roll.

 Finding Your Combo

Start with a full set of Medium wheels (NSC Alpha comes in Medium/Soft)

  • Starting with a HARDER set and gradually adding softer wheels if necessary, helps maximize roll while still ensuring grip. Going right to an all soft setup could cause you to end up with a combo that feels good, but is actually slowing you down due to the lack of roll.

Test your setup and determine if you need to add softer wheels.

  • With experience you’ll be able to determine exactly where (which wheel) you are slipping
  • Start by adding SOFT wheels to the toes and/or heels.
  • Again, test your wheels on the floor and determine if more grip is needed. Add softer wheels to the middle (first to the third, then second wheel positions) as necessary.

Other Considerations

  • If you feel you need MORE STABILITY in the turns, consider adding grip to your left toe and/or heel.
  • If you feel you need MORE POWER, try adding grip to your right toe.
  • If you’re looking for a little MORE “POP” on your start, add grip to both toes.

Remember: It’s a good idea to consider any info you may have on the floor itself or what other people suggest, but ALWAYS TEST THE SITUATION YOURSELF. What works for some skaters might not work for others. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Erin Jackson

Recognized as one of the fastest sprinters in the world Erin has been a multiple time world medalist, 10 time NSC event winner, and is our current ladies GRAND CHAMPION.  Erin has been been a fan favorite in the NSC since her debut, and is never too busy to help our younger skaters.  A consummate professional that also holds a degree in Engineering, she is one of the premier athletes in the sport.  

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