Skate Tips

IMPROVING YOUR ENDURANCE by Michael Cheek2017-01-23

  1. Effort = Results:  Go 100% at whatever you do.  There is a big difference between going hard and giving your BEST effort during practice or a drill.  If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.
  2. Bike/Spin class:  On your own or in a class, getting on the bike can be key for endurance training on your off-skate days.  There are plenty of good apps to organize your own workouts if you can't get to a class.
  3. Dry land training:  Plyometrics (box jumps, squat jumps, stairs, etc), low walks, weights, etc, for longer duration can greatly increase the aerobic capacity in your legs. 
  4. Outdoor Training:  Long miles at a maintained speed is critical.  Increase your time and/or speed as your endurance improves.
  5. BE CONSISTENT:  If you are unable to skate indoors, be sure you are using the alternatives given here.  The more days off, the less chance you have to build your endurance.Michael Cheek

Easily one of the most influential skaters over the last two decades, "The Big Man," is one of the greatest to ever grace the NSC race track.  The multiple time team World Teamer owned the Black Suit 6 times, had over 25 total wins, and too many podium appearances to count.  Michael's legacy is as synonymous with winning as it is with endurance and his infamous "Late Night," practices have helped develop some of the top skaters in the nation.  Currently "retired" from racing, he will no doubt be a first ballot NSC hall of famer.