Skate Tips

IMPROVING YOUR START by Brandon Hall2016-11-29

  • The FIRST STEP is most important!
  • LOWER=POWER: The lower you are on your initial "get set” motion, the lower you will be throughout the entire start.  This keeps your power on top of your skates rather than behind you.
  • Keep your HIPS FORWARD to maximize power per stride.
  • Find your SWEET SPOT when getting set--where are you most comfortable setting your back foot? Too far forward or back equals a short, powerless first step. 
  • HOLD YOUR POSITION! Think of holding your position rather than worrying about jumping. 
  • BREATHE! This makes your entire race easier and leaves some fuel in the tank for that last 100m sprint. 
  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. When you're practicing these tips, go 110% every start.  Perfecting your start can benefit you in every type of race, e.g. in an endurance race, you get to dictate the initial pace, in a sprint race you put yourself in a great position.


Brandon Hall

A former World team member, 14 time NSC event winner, and 2 time grand champion Brandon is one of the top sprinters in the world.  He has not lost a start in the NSC in over 3 seasons and has posted one of the fastest 300m indoor times ever recorded.  Brandon enjoys giving back to the skating community by helping younger skaters develop, and is no doubt one of the most exciting racers in the league.