Skate Tips

KEYS TO PROPER ARM SWING by Justin Stelly2016-12-26

  • Left and right arms have different jobs: left is for stability/balance, right is for power.
  • You must have "quiet" shoulders: Keep your shoulders and hips square and facing forward; keep your shoulders from twisting.
  • Lock the elbow; keep it from acting as a hinge. Swing your arms from chin to pocket.
  • Focus on pushing your arms straight back: Do not allow your arms to work across the body. This will help keep you square.
  • Relax! Your movement should be smooth and unforced. When you tighten up your shoulders, you will slow down!
  • Practice in front of a mirror! Follow the steps above and watch your progress!    

Justin Stelly

A staple of the world team over the past decade and former world medalist known for his exciting style and breath taking passing, Justin is no stranger to the world of inline speed skating.  With 57 NSC podium appearances, 21 total wins, as well as 3 grand championships, he is the most decorated skater in NSC history!  Justin has a proven track record of helping younger skaters improve and has been a mentor to skaters all over the world.  He is truly one of the "good guys," in the sport and takes great pride in seeing that the sport continues to grow.