PRE-RACE TIPS FOR MAX PERFORMANCE by Franchesca Bell-Pasquarella

PRE-RACE TIPS FOR MAX PERFORMANCE by Franchesca Bell-Pasquarella

In order to maximize your performance, your MENTAL pre-race preparation is just as important as your physical ability.  Achieving a great pre-race mentality is easier than you think!

  • Stay positive. Create your own best scenario.  Negativity will cloud your mind, distract you, slow you down.
  • Stay focused. Know exactly what you want/need to do.  Think about what to do when things don’t go your way.  Have a Plan A, B, even C!
  • Set realistic, achievable goals. Hit those goals and move on to the next ones—smash those goals as well!
  • Get familiar with your surroundings. You may be skating on a new floor, track or road course.  You want to be comfortable when it comes time to race!
  • Control your emotions. Don’t let them get the best of you and wear you out before you even get on the line!
  • Don’t shut out your audience. Parents and coaches are there to support you.  Other competitors are just as nervous as you are.  The crowd knows how hard you all train and is there to cheer for the skaters!
  • Stick with your routine. Don’t change what works in your warm-up and pre-race rituals.
  • Channel your nerves. Use your nervous energy and adrenaline to help you race.
  • Stay calm and breathe. You know what you’re capable of.  Trust your training, try your best and there’s nothing to worry about!
  • Have fun! Stay humble; be thankful for each opportunity to race.  You can do anything you set your mind to!

 Franchesca Bell-Pasquarella

A multiple time world medalist, 8 time NSC event winner, 3 time Grand Champion, and 2016 World Champion, Franchesca is one of the most decorated skaters in the NSC.  Her passion for the sport can be easily seen in both her approach to training as well as her intensity on the track.  One of the most fierce competitors in the NSC, she has all the ability to create her own path to becoming one of the greatest skaters in history.    

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