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NSC Big Foot 2 Wheels - Green Hub

NSC Big Foot 2 Wheels - Green Hub

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Introducing the Bigfoot 2:

Get ready to experience the next evolution in high-performance indoor speed skating with the Bigfoot 2, the second generation of our revolutionary wheel. Building upon the solid foundation of the original Bigfoot, the Bigfoot 2 takes your skating to new heights, delivering unparalleled roll, rebound, and grip all while providing a smooth ride.

Enhanced Urethane for Maximum Roll: One of the key upgrades in the Bigfoot 2 is the improved outer urethane, meticulously engineered to provide you with more roll in the wheel. This means you'll effortlessly glide over the track, conserving energy and maintaining your speed like never before. The wider surface contact point, aptly referred to as a "footprint," remains a hallmark of the Bigfoot series, ensuring superior stability during your races.

Advanced Inner Band for Supreme Rebound: We didn't stop at improving the outer urethane; we've also enhanced the inner band of the Bigfoot 2. This innovative improvement significantly boosts the rebound of the wheel, translating to lightning-fast accelerations and rapid turns. With the Bigfoot 2, you'll experience the kind of agility and responsiveness that gives you ultimate confidence on your skates. 

Race-Ready Design: Just like its predecessor, the Bigfoot 2 is designed with the serious racer in mind. Our large, heat-resistant pop band continues to offer maximum rebound while preventing the wheels from heating up at high speeds.

Proven Matter Sonic Welded Hollow Core: To complement our advanced urethane technology, we've selected the Matter Sonic Welded Hollow Core, a tried-and-true inline race wheel core. This core is renowned for its durability and performance, ensuring that the Bigfoot 2 delivers consistent results every time you step onto the track.

Specifications 110mm & 100mm
Indoor Race Compound
HR2 Pop Band Tech
Sonic Welded Hollow Core
Big Foot Tech
Natural Urethane

Black Hub is 1 point softer than Green Hub



  • Wheel Box
  • Bigfoot Sticker
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