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NSC Big Foot Race Frames 7005 Series

NSC Big Foot Race Frames 7005 Series

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Following the massive success of our Big Foot wheels, we wanted to raise the bar for inline speed skating in another category. Adding to the Big Foot product line up, NSC is very excited to introduce the Big Foot Race Frames.

Traditionally, race frames aimed at being low to the ground with a narrow base. When we began our journey to bring a race frame to market we approached this with a contrarian belief that you can get a lot more leverage with each push, by being higher off the ground. A lot of us experienced this feeling with the testing of 125mm wheels. With input from some of the world’s best indoor speed skaters we knew we were onto something special during our initial testing. 

Along with being taller, we designed the frame with a wider base for more stability. What you will find when you skate this frame is a much smoother ride and the ability to apply more energy into the ground with less effort.

Our final focus for our frames was making sure they turned easily. Too stiff of a frame and you find yourself fighting the corners and being pulled away from them. On the other hand, if the frame is too flexible, the corners will feel squirrely and unstable at high speeds.

Once we nailed this perfect combination down, we knew we were ready to go to market. To compliment the most bad ass frame that has ever been made, we placed it in super dope packaging. Enjoy!


• Length: 13.2″.336mm

• Wheel Setup: 110 x 4

• Mounting: 195mm

• Manufacturing process: extruded and CNC machined for precision 

• Material: 7005 Aluminum 

• Weight: 200g

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