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NSC Big Foot XL Race Frames 7075 Series

NSC Big Foot XL Race Frames 7075 Series

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As a follow up to our Flagship NSC Big Foot Race Frames, we wanted to introduce the NSC Big Foot XL. The Big Foot XL appears to be visually the same as our Big Foot Frame, however subtleties make a world of a difference. The BigFoot XL is made with 7075 series aluminum vs 7005 series aluminum. This along with a new engineered design for the cross brace supports makes the BigFoot XL skate much different from the flagship Bigfoot. So who is this frame for? It's for the real power skaters. Those who are willing to give up some turning ability in exchange for more stability and more power into the ground. 


• Length: 13.2″.336mm

• Wheel Setup: 110 x 4

• Mounting: 195mm

• Manufacturing process: extruded and CNC machined for precision 

• Material: 7075 Aluminum 

• Weight: 200g

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